How does LinC operate?

A LinC Referral Centre receives calls and emails directly from potential clients, clergy or professional agencies. It provides no direct services but assesses the request, and, if appropriate, facilitates the link between the person in need and a suitable volunteer from a participating church, via the local church LinC co-ordinator. The Referral Centre is managed by a Board elected from representatives of participating churches, and is staffed by trained volunteers.

In order for this facilitation process to be effective, good relationships must be established and maintained between local agencies, the LinC Referral Centre and the participating churches. Co-operation, not duplication is the aim.

LinC provides training and general support to volunteers from member churches, and all volunteers must undergo police checks.

LinC offers assistance to all people regardless of belief, gender, race or ethnic background. Referrals are followed up and further assistance offered if needed. Every Affiliate depends on volunteers, young and old, to offer a helping hand and an example of Christian living to their neighbours in need.