What kind of needs are met by a LinC network of churches?

Some of the needs are very simple – just enough care to help a family through a rough time.

* Charlie, who was recovering from serious surgery, needed someone to assist him walk a little each day. LinC was called and a church volunteer located to spend a little time each day to help Charlie exercise. A simple act of kindness made all the difference in Charlie’s recovery.

* One family’s home was burnt to the ground, and several LinC churches in the Affiliate teamed up to provide assistance – clothing, food, temporary housing, furniture, etc.

In practice, the amount and period of assistance can vary and several member churches may work together to respond to a major single request.

A wonderful feature of LinC is that it helps Christians recognise gifts and talents they have and then make optimum use of those by matching them to particular needs. At the heart of LinC are hundreds of church volunteers inspired by Jesus’ example of selfless care.

Provision of material resources and professional services do not always meet deeper needs. People who are hurting need people. LinC volunteers, who are not paid service providers, have a unique opportunity to develop caring relationships with community members. LinC has always placed emphasis on being a relational ministry – the deeper needs of people almost always relate to isolation and the need for meaningful relationships. Love can only be communicated through relationships.