How did LinC begin and develop in Australia?

Love in the Name of Christ (Love INC) began in Michigan, USA, in 1976 as a way to encourage churches to become more engaged with the poor and inspire more Christians to put their faith into action. The founder, Dr Virgil Gulker, believed that in order for churches to better serve their communities they needed to assess the capacities, be given a strategy to provide leadership, organisation, training, encouragement and prayer and to work together.

Canada, New Zealand and Australia have adapted the US model to suit their own contexts. LinC started in Australia in Hornsby NSW in 1991, and in 2015, 14 Affiliates were operating, involving over 100 churches.

LinC came into existence to co-ordinate and mobilise resources for needs that are still present in our society today. As long as there are elderly or disabled people needing help around the home or unable to drive, single mothers who can’t maintain their garden, isolated people or a family trapped in poverty, there is work for LinC to do.